All about me.

Hi my name is Trae and Im a bourchier ps. I love this school so much because I have made a lot of friends like James,EB,Becyand so much more. My teachers mane is Mr O and the funny thing is that he as the same middle name as me. So I love this school so […]

Grade 5

Well Grade 5 has been wonderful it is much more different then Grade 4. I am looking farad to camp, I am going to the beach. I have made a lot of friend’s  and my teacher is Mr O. So there you have it. plus I am 10 years old and my name is Trae.

My Info report

Take a look :} :} :} :} :}The Echidna

My Narrative

take a look :} :} :} :} :} My Orientation of Tom and Jimmy

My subtraction portfolio piece

My subtraction portfolio piece

My subtraction rubric

My subtraction rubric

Take a look at this.

My holidays

I done on the holidays…? I went to the silvers curces. I had a sleep over at my nans house. I went to a show. hope you like this!

Addition portfolio piece.

Addition portfolio piece.

Take a look. 

place value rubric.

Place Value Rubric (13)Take a look.

My multiplication rubric

Take a look 1. To know what a product is. 2. To solve a word problem. 3. To my 2,5 and 10s time tables. Hope you like it. leave a like. :} :}.

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